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NEEDSHES is an independent alternative rock band founded by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Otabek Salamov (Beck) in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The band first formed in 2013, but the project itself exists from 2011, when Otabek came up with the name and recorded his first tunes at his home studio in Tashkent.
Beck devoted himself to music from early childhood. His mother taught music theory and always supported her child. At the age of four, he was able to reach the piano and began playing his first tunes. He attended a music academy and very soon music lessons started to bring him awards at national competitions. Beck was a number one awarded clarinetist in his home country at the age of 14. However, he spent his time as a teenager composing and performing metalcore with the band, up to the decision to create melodic indie rock music in 2011.
He performed his first gigs with the set up "vocal, guitar and MacBook pro." Later in 2013, he gathered a full traditional rock band around his project with the intention of creating true authentic rock music as his favourites at that time were The Killers, U2, Coldplay, Muse, Nirvana.
Beck changed several line-ups before he found like-minded band members guitarist Ivan Petukhov and drummer Alex Manakhov. Together they began active gigging and fascinated local concert venues, festivals, city events and international brands' shows.
Their single "Time to See" charted on iTunes top Alternative releases, racked up a Renault car commercial that has run for the entirety of 2017, and five awards from American songwriting competitions, including winning the Unsigned Only contest in two nominations in rock genre. It played on BBC 6 Radio Music. Their music is in a soundtrack to an international cartoon, national movies, sitcoms, and TV shows.
Frontman is very meticulous about his art and seeks to compose valuable, authentic and timeless music. According to his words, he "was influenced by all world rock music, but especially by U2, David Bowie, A-Ha, The Doors, Coldplay, the Killers, Muse, Jack White, RHCP, and Nirvana."
Someone once accurately described their sound as "alternative with funk, punk, blues and soul flourishes, balancing between the moody atmosphere of The NBHD and dainty anthems of The Killers with a bit of the oddball nature of Jack White and the heartbreaking ballad skill of Coldplay."
The band stands out with its smooth, powerful vocals, catchy melodies, often cinematic vibe, and uncommonly genre diversity. Full Bio:


Charted top 10 Alternative releases on iTunes

The song Time to See:
* Unsigned Only 2017 winner in Rock
* USA Songwriting Competition 2018 finalist in Rock
* International Songwriting Competition 2017 finalist in Rock
* John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2017 finalist in Rock
* Semi-finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest

The song Anything You Want:
* Unsigned Only 2018 finalist in AAA
* Semi-finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest

BBC 6 Radio Music plays | Time to See

FB 5,500 likes / IG 2,000 followers

Spotify feature by Indiemono, AlexrainbirdMusic, Soave, FFConnect, PopFiltr, HITSDailyDouble


Bosco Fresh Fest with John Newman

World Festival of Youth and Students

FIFA Fan Fest

Festivals by Metro International newspaper

Private events by INFINITI and other brands

Over 20 solo gigs with ticket sales during 12 months at Hard Rock Cafe and other local concert venues


Renault Duster - Car commercial | Time to See (extended version)

Renault Kaptur - Car commercial | Anything You Want (version with female vocalist)

Quackerz - international movie soundtrack | I Believe

Univer - sitcom soundtrack | Something, Hey Girl

Not my business - movie soundtrack | Run Mf

Writing music for music award ceremonies and TV shows, scoring full-length movies

"The first verse of Time to See is a killer and the song is great. Actually, I was listening to it during past week". Producer Rick Beato.

"Time To See makes me think a bit of if Coldplay, the Killers and Muse had a baby and I mean that in a good way." Blog American Pancake.

"Otabek's soft passionate voice, if you are a fan of melodramatic guitar music, resistance to him is useless. NEEDSHES feels great on the territory of modern gospel-blues-rock in the spirit of Hozier. His fans can enjoy I Wanna." Editor in Chief, Rolling Stone, Russia

"Much of their material has a solid, driving, feel to it, however their track "I Know" shows that they have mastery of creating brilliant ballads as well. Couple that with Otto's flawlessly smooth vocals and the band's beautifully controlled performance and you've got indie-ballad perfection." Blog Musical Tribe.


Anything You Want

Single 2018

iTunes | Spotify

Mixed Feelings

Album 2016, 7 songs

iTunes | Spotify

Feel Alright

Album 2014, 13 songs

iTunes | Spotify

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